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How to Prepare For the Call
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Stone Allen has helped leaders, technical experts, educators, sales pros, & more to make the next career move.  Our founder, Tyler Townes, is a Talent Acquisition Leader & Executive Coach with over 22 years developing teams and organizations from Startups all the way to Fortune 100 companies.

"They have incredibly valuable insight and have helped me prepare for my next career move. If you are contemplating a career move, brainstorming business ideas, or negotiating for a killer offer...there's only one call I'm Stone Allen!"
Shawn, Military Veteran & Sr. Business Improvement Manager

$100k+ salary increase!

 "I have enjoyed working with him because of his humble yet confident manner that allows his clients to connect with him with ease. I am so glad I could work with him. Six weeks into the Stone Allen program, I landed a 100% remote job at a company I love whose values I match my own, making almost 40% more than I had as a teacher. I highly recommend!"

Julia, From Teacher to Product Leader

2x income!

Are you....
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Hexagon with x inside
Hexagon with x inside
Hexagon with x inside
Hexagon with x inside

Stuck At the Same Job / Level

Frustrated with Few Options (if any)

Feel Like You're On Your Own

Not Getting Jobs Or Pay You Deserve

​And You Feel Like You Have Much More Potential In Your Career?

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With Stone Allen:
Smiling Businessman
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star

You Gain Clarity & Confidence for the Best Roles

You Get Paid What You Deserve

You Find Fulfillment With Your Career & Values

You Can Clearly Articulate Your Superpowers

You Build a Compelling Personal Brand

You Have A Trusted Advisor
You Take Control Over Your Career Trajectory!

Our Clients Work In Startups to Top Companies Such As:

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Meet The Main Coaches

Tyler Townes

Managing Partner & Executive Coach

Tyler Bio.png

Tyler is known as the go-to guy for uncovering your actual strengths and career fits!

From Kentucky to Wyoming to North Dakota to California to Guam to Texas. 

From teaching/coaching in South Central Los Angeles, to building organizations for some of the world's icons like Elon Musk, Rupert Murdoch, Barry Diller, Bill Glass. 

His spirit animal is Talent. From the tip of the spear in Talent Acquisition, to the development and optimization of the entire enterprise, I'm all about developing your talent and your team's talent. 

Tyler is on a mission to help thousands of leaders, professionals & executives to create the career they were meant to achieve and to leave a lasting impact in the world!

Let's do this!

Headshot_1-removebg-preview (1).png

Justin is a U.S Army Officer Veteran, successful businessman & now High Performance & Executive Coach.


He is now specializing in career development & sales performance. He was a career hopper before that! It all changed when one day when he found a way to articulate his actual expertise and align it with what employers are looking for!


This path was far from easy, and Justin openly shares his trials and tribulations of overcoming severe impostor syndrome, constant obstacles and more… making it nearly impossible to have the confidence it took find, let alone land a high paying dream job.


Now he’s on a mission to help people get paid what they're worth, have fun and crush it!

Justin Boyum

Co-Partner & High Performance Coach

What Results Our Clients Get:

"I definitely wouldn't have advanced so quickly with such exciting prospects on my own"
Brian, EComm & Saas Developer

20x Return on Investment!

"They helped me jump up multiple steps, save 10 years and receive a 70% pay raise"
Melissa, Supply Chain Leader

32x Return on Investment

"This process has helped me beyond just the job search!  I will use these principles going forward both personally & professionally"
Courtney, Services Manager
Unemployed to Dream Role in less than 90 Days

"Most importantly I became comfortable with how to brand myself.  I was able to take control of my entire career transition process."
Britt, Entrepreneur
65% Increase in Pay (15x+ ROI)

"If you feel stuck in your current spot, Stone Allen is who I recommend."
Dan, Marine Pilot 

Software Engineer to Product Manager

50% Increase In Salary! 

"Even though I'm a coach myself, Justin was able to help change the trajectory of my career"
Rob, Coach & Entreprenuer

Attention: Please Read Carefully!

*Earnings and income representations made by Stone Allen are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. These results are not typical and results will vary. People that don't work hard and give up easily, get ZERO results. The results on this page are OUR results and from years of testing.
We can in NO way guarantee you will get similar results.


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