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Feb 16, 2024 - Feb 26, 2024


  • 11Days
  • 28Steps


Have you lost the THRILL at your current job? Are your SKILLS atrophying from disuse? Is your BILL matching your value in the marketplace? Are you looking to find more meaning and purpose and FULFILL your God-given talents? They didn't teach you in school the single most important thing you need to take control of your career, and get yourself on a satisfying path to your CAREER SWEET SPOT. In this masterclass, you'll learn: 1. FOUNDATIONS * Find and/or define your Career Path. * Become a Productivity Ninja. * Discover INSIGHTS about your unique personality, values, and EIQ. * Articulate your SUPERPOWERS! 2. BRANDING * Create your Unique Value Proposition. * Master Storytelling via the SILVER Bullet proprietary methodology. * Build a RODEO Resume to survive the 8 seconds with the hiring manager, recruiter, or ATS. * Build a WANTED LinkedIn Profile that attracts top recruiters and tickles the mysterious LI algorithm. 3. COMMUNICATE * Curate your professional network on LinkedIn * Post. Like. Share. Engage. Influence. * Find the HIDDEN JOB MARKET * Get WARM HANDOFFS to Hiring Managers * Leverage AI to CRUSH EVERY INTERVIEW. 4. IMPACT * Learn the SPEAK SOFTLY Negotiating method to negotiate a 24% raise (minimum for STONE|allen grads in 2023) * ONBOARD with purpose! Work a 99-day plan for maximum impact.

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