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Apr 21, 2021 - Jun 2, 2021

STONE | launch - Early Career

  • 43Days
  • 12Steps
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Hard-earned degree? Check. Energizer energy? Check. Head full of innovations and imaginations? Check. They didn't teach this in school, but it is the most important thing you need to take control of your career, and get yourself on a satisfying path using all your superpowers. In this masterclass, you'll learn: 1. Prepare to launch - Organization, Planning, Productivity 2. Know thyself - 4 psychometric assessments in personality, values, EIQ 3. Branding - Create Unique Value Proposition highlighting your Superpowers. SILVER Bullets. RODEO Resume. WANTED LinkedIn Profile. 4. Influencing - learn to build and curate your professional network on LinkedIn. Post. Like. Share. Engage. 5. Interviewing - learn to ace every interview. 6. Negotiating - don't leave anything on the table. Negotiate top dollar. You've earned it.

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