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How Can Corporate Coaching Improve Your Team's Communication, Leadership, Motivation and Productivity?

Developing a winning business strategy requires more than just a good idea, it requires a shared vision, effective communication channels, commitment and dedication as well as the continued application of new methodologies for continuous improvement. Stone Allen Consulting professionals have led talent development in the corporate world who has guided leadership development at companies such as Northrop Grumman, Dell, Verizon, Fox, and SpaceX.

For your team to operate at maximum efficiency, engage Stone Allen Consulting!

Superboost Your Team With a Corporate Coaching Professional

Success comes in all flavors and varieties. For some, it means reaching the zenith of their profession. For others, it means developing their lifelong passions into a successful career. In both scenarios, a professional with education and insight into the process can provide substantial support.

The team at Stone Allen Consulting is proud to offer the following services to our corporate clients from startups to SMB's to Fortune 500:

Executive Coaching

Develop the key components of your executive leadership team: Leadership, Core Character development, Execution Effectiveness, Strategy, Inspiration, and Vision-Casting.


Communication Coaching using AI

Using cutting-edge AI technology we measure the effectiveness of your leader's communication in 24 aspects of 4 key areas:  Physical Delivery, Verbal Delivery, Audience Reception, and Content.


Team Building & Effectiveness using 10 Assessments

Our platform of 10 different assessments gives insights into the personality, strengths, skills, and motivators of your whole team, in a timely consumable way.  Coaching tips in your email inbox, in your calendar for upcoming meetings, team charts and maps, and 1:1 side-by-side profile comparisons.

Integrated Talent Programs

Attracting game-changing talent in a highly competitive environment requires the ability to discern the key technical skills, emotional intelligence, and values that differentiate your company.  Develop a strong Employer Value Proposition & Employer Brand.  Align hiring to corporate values & begin to assess Emotional Intelligence.  Integrate Talent Acquisition, Training & Development, Organizational Development, Compensation & Benefits, Succession Planning, Employee Evaluation, HRIS and Continuous Improvement.  Train your team in effective interviewing techniques and evaluation metrics.


Effective Operating System for SMB's

From start-up to Fortune 500, getting the entire team driving towards the vision and hitting deliverables, KPI's and targets means clearly understanding roles, responsibilities, and systems to keep it all on track.

How can Stone Allen Consulting help YOU?

  • Personalized Support - First and foremost, the team at Stone Allen Consulting uses methodologies that are backed by data and focused on complete personalization. Through the use of the Golden Personality Profiler as well as the VALOR VALUES SURVEY, entrepreneurs will learn the exact leadership style that best fits them.

  • Communication Skills - Utilizing the SILVER BULLET methodology, Stone Allen Consulting will help their clients to maximize their Unique Value Proposition. This service entails social branding, business networking, and other tertiary skills.

  • Develop Winning Habits - Developing winning and positive habits are the foundation of long-term success in the corporate business world. Stone Allen Consulting will work closely with their clients to develop the habits and practices that best support their personality and focus.

For business owners and corporate leaders looking to reach the next level, contact Stone Allen Consulting for a free consultation.

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