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Igniting Minds - Follow the Homeschool Guide Teacher Intensive Today!

We're all homeschool techers now!

According to a report published by the National Home Education Research Institute, there are roughly five million students currently enrolled as homeschool students. This population of the education world has been steadily growing over the years which has granted parents and children alike new opportunities.

To operate effectively as a homeschool guide, it is important to properly prepare for the tasks ahead. As a homeschool teacher, individuals will need to understand how best to teach their children while sticking to processes that work. With Stone Allen Consulting, it is easier than ever to prepare for a homeschooled education.

Homeschool Guide 101: Why YOU Should Consider a Homeschool Teacher Intensive

When first conjuring thoughts about homeschooling, what comes to mind? For many, their first thought is of being overwhelmed. After all, a parent that opts to homeschool will be charged with teaching every subject to their child. Does this mean that parents need to be experts in eight different subjects? Do they need to be ready to teach all day?

Entering the world of homeschooling is about setting students up for success. At Stone Allen Consulting, there is no better way to prepare for an at-home education than by enrolling in a Homeschool Teacher Intensive. Let's break this process down to see how it can help aspiring homeschooled teachers.

  • Develop an Instruction Style That WORKS

  • Engage Students With Techniques That Appeal to Them

  • Ignite a True Passion For Learning Within the Home

  • Assess Teaching Style Through the Golden Personality Profiler, VALOR Values Survey, and EQ Test

These homeschool teaching intensives are available online and over the video conferencing application, Zoom. This is an 8-week intensive and comprehensive coaching program that is slated for just 20 seats. Contact Tyler Stone Townes of Stone Allen Consulting to learn more.

Find Success Today With a Career Coach and Resume Guide

While Stone Allen Consulting is dedicated to providing their potential homeschool clients with the tools they need to succeed, that is far from all that they have to offer their clients. Stone Allen Consulting was founded by Tyler and Paul Townes.

Tyler Townes is a professional coach and recruiter who has worked with significant companies like SpaceX, Fox, and Verizon to help inspire their leadership through applied entrepreneurial training. Paul Townes has more than 20 years of leadership development working under the auspices of Wells Fargo. He possesses his M. Ed degree and ICF Certification and is experienced in teaching resume writing for success as a resume guide.

The team at Stone Allen Consulting works with a blend of customized tools and training modalities to meet the specific needs of each client that enters their coaching programs. Upon completing the coaching program, consider exploring the benefits of their patented resume writing program.

Entrepreneurs and aspiring professionals alike can enjoy a free consultation from Stone Allen Consulting at their earliest convenience!

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