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planning, prioritization &


get ready to LAUNCH


SILVER bulletsTM

tell your story.

build your BRAND.


WANTED LinkedIn profileTM

how to maximize the #1 tool for jobseekers & recruiters

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STONE | insights

assessments in eiq, personality, values & strengths

articulate your SUPERPOWER

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RODEO resumeTM

8 seconds to make an impact




maximize your offer

Benefits of a RODEO ResumeTM


Beat the Bots.  The first eyes to hit your resume will be digital.  Learn how to go to the front of the cyber line, where human eyes await.


Tell your story.  A list of power verbs is NOT what the hiring team wants to see.  They want to see highlights.  Superpowers.  Unique value proposition.  Differentiators.


Customize in a flash.  Learn how to make a modular resume, one that can be customized in less than TWO MINUTES, and cover the top responsibilities of the JD.


Get the interview.  Stone Allen clients see an average 4X improvement in response rate (interviews:submission).

step 1 - Discovery

Using the Golden Personality Profiler (TM) and VALOR values survey and EQ Test, we will triangulate and highlight your unique strengths.

Student Behind the Books

step 3 - Marketing

Your story is now ready to be broadcast to the world.  Resume, LinkedIn profile, elevator pitch, social branding, networking and interviewing are all now succinct and on point.

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step 2 - Storytelling

Traditional resumes are terrible at telling the real story of YOU, Inc.  We will leverage the proprietary SILVER Bullet (TM) methodology to tie your success stories to your strengths, and develop your UVP (Unique Value Proposition).

Taking Note

step 4 - Messaging

Getting your Personal Brand out there by becoming an influencer in your field through articles/webinars/interviews, leveraging PRM (Personal Relationship Manager) tools to cultivate your allies on LinkedIn and making new connections in groups, meetups.

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