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Kickstart Your Business With Startup Advice and Entrepreneur Coaching From Stone Allen Consulting.

Entrepreneurship is on the rise and opportunity is lurking around every corner. While most people think that they can find success with a good idea and a little work, that simply isn't the case anymore. To pioneer success at the highest levels, it can help to seek startup advice and entrepreneur coaching services from an executive coach.

The professional team at Stone Allen Consulting is dedicated to providing their clients with the startup advice and entrepreneur coaching they need to succeed. Led by Tyler Stone Townes and Paul Allen Townes, Stone Allen Consulting uses a blend of data-driven techniques and unique tools to engage entrepreneurs in ways that work.

Let's take a look at how booking an Entrepreneur Coaching session with Stone Allen Consulting can lead to success.

How Can Stone Allen Consulting Kickstart My Business?

There are few shortcuts in life and even fewer shortcuts in the entrepreneurial world. To find continued success, it is of the utmost importance to apply effort in the proper direction at all times. Stone Allen Consulting offers an 8-week Career Journey class that is engineered to provide their clients with the tools and startup advice needed to make a splash in their industry.

Far from just another rehashed series of cliche suggestions, Stone Allen Consulting utilizes their own patented techniques to provide guidance.

  1. STONEinsightsTM - Entrepreneurs that want to find success will need to know what their strengths are. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find an unbiased figure to give the insight necessary. Through the STONEinsightsTM tool, Stone Allen Consulting will help individuals assess their strengths and weaknesses while also identifying core personality types, values, and EIQ.

  2. STONEbrandingTM - We can't sell an idea unless we can also sell ourselves. The STONEbrandingTM tool utilizes the resume building and business marketing techniques that are necessary in today's hyper-competitive world. Brand the right way with a team of professionals that understand the needs and focuses of their clients.

  3. STONEnavigator - The foundation of the Career Journey Coaching Program is the STONEnavigator tool. Perfect for individuals seeking startup advice, this tool guides clients through the entire resume process while embracing key techniques such as the SILVER Bullet Methodology. Individuals will also take this time to develop their Unique Value Proposition, what they stand for and what sets them apart.

  4. Guided Messaging Techniques - We cannot find success unless we can find our audience. Through the messaging aspect of the Career Coaching Plan, entrepreneurs will work through webinars and interviews while leveraging their PRM for success. This process helps entrepreneurs to make key connections while cultivating future allies for their brand.

Stone Allen Consulting offers free estimates along with an entire library of coaching programs. To learn more about what an executive coach can offer, contact Tyler and Paul Townes at Stone Allen Consulting!

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